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The whole purpose of getting a high speed server is to stream games, movies, music and other online content faster anonymously and safely. If you have used a Bit Torrent before for downloading your favourite games or movies then you understand that the concern here is about speed, internet connection or generally bandwidth. Some servers will seed and leech faster than other depending on the make and service provider. Generally, a fast download speed will increase the number of files that have completely downloaded. The main factor that regulates the download speed is your upstream connection. It will dictate the maximum level of speed you will use for downloads. Bit Torrent is not appreciated by many just because of its end use but the protocol can create a protocol that will develop a series of seeds that move at high speeds. To make it sampler, if you have a high speed box that uploads fast, bit torrent will help by completing downloads faster.

The real problem is, most people have a weaker home connection that can be difficult and expensive to replace. People who stay near developed towns and cities have better internet connection and can upload files to your pc at a few megabits per second. The bigger part of the population is limited to using hundreds of kilobytes per second. There is no way around using your home internet connection for uploads but if the torrent has been seeded will, you can use it to maximise the downstream. In this case, one of the best decisions is to use the VNP Seedbox to connect to your server web at speed of up to 100 megabits per second. Most boxes have a well connected center where you can remotely log in using your computer or Smartphone and queue some torrents.