Where To Buy Sony Playstation In Canada

Fortunately, there are many places to purchase a Sony Playstation in any major Canadian city.

Let’s take Edmonton, Alberta for example. You can visit any Best Buy, Future Shop, Toys R Us, even some Wal-Mart Supercentres carry the Sony Playstation. The easiest way is to simply Google your local Best Buy or Future Shop and search their online inventory. From there you’ll be able to tell if they have one in stock and perhaps if it’s on sale. You can then either order one online or take a quick trip to the store and pick it up! Boom Bang 🙂

Sony Playstation Games and Systems

Released in the USA on September 9, 1995, the Sony Playstation PS1 console began a revolution in the gaming industry. Although conceptually the idea for the Sony Playstation PS1 console was founded as early back as 1988, the actual disk technology behind the inspiration for Sony Playstation games and systems was not reliable enough to support their production. Because there were serious problems relating to the permanence of the disks and the fact that they easily allowed piracy, the Sony Playstation PS1 console was effectively put to one side until the technology became more robust. However, when the time did come for Sony Playstation games and systems to release the PS1 console, the sheer number of games available to buy for the Sony Playstation PS1, only seemed to benefit its success.

Sony Playstation games like Wipeout, Warhawk, and Ridgeracer, appeared to capture the American and International gaming stage by storm. While problems such as console overheating were noted by many of the first customers of the Sony Playstation PS1 console, this did not stop their popularity. After some minor readjustments to the PS1 Console in 1996, sales throughout the world were booming. To continue to meet the demand of their customers, Sony Playstation games and systems were constantly being modified to meet their customers’ specifications and to reduce some of the minor glitches some users were experiencing with the consoles. As the Playstation developed and the glitches were being resolved many users expressed their desire to play the same games that they play online like racing games, arcade games, slot games and card games. That’s when the came out with 007 Racing, The Arcade Party Pack and Las Vegas Casino. These games became extremely popular on PS1 and later on in PS2.

Probably the most successful and anticipated release made by Sony after the release of their PS1 console, was that of their sixth-generation console, aptly named the Sony Playstation PS2 console or, as it became more commonly known the Playstation 2. When the development of the Sony Playstation PS2 console was announced in 1999, fans of the PS1 console were already predicting it to be a big hit. Indeed, the Sony Playstation PS2 console was probably one of Sony Playstation’s biggest successes, and up until the end of 2008, Sony incredibly sold in excess of 136 million PS2 consoles. What made the Sony Playstation PS2 console most successful was the system’s ingenious ability to read both CD’s and DVD’s. The Sony Playstation PS2 console was also a lot slimmer than its predecessor, and boasted more intense and quality graphics and sound, making gamers feel that they were right in the middle of the action.

More recently in November 2006, Sony Playstation released their seventh-generation console, named the Sony Playstation PS3 console, or Playstation 3. Unlike its predecessors, the Sony Playstation PS3 console was introduced into the market specifically to compete with other popular gaming systems that were being released around this time. The major advance made by the Sony Playstation PS3 console was that it allowed players to test their gaming skills against other PS3 console users via an online Playstation Network, very similar to the way online social gaming sites work. For example; people no longer play online bingo alone, they are a part of an online bingo network witch allows them to enjoy the game with players around the globe who share the same interest.

The Sony Playstation PS3 came with other subtle improvements including its capacity to play the latest Blu-ray disks, the PS3 console has made both the PS1 and PS2 consoles seem somewhat redundant in purpose. However, for those of us who grew up in the age of the Sony Playstation, the sheer amount of enjoyment and pleasure each consecutive version of the Sony Playstation console brought us will never be forgotten…